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Your named scholarship can be issued to honor or recognize any giver you would like.  Please press ENTER to submit the name of your scholarship.

*final approval of name is subject to review by the Sentinel Scholarship committee.
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i.e.  JN Andrews Sentinel Scholarship
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All Named Sentinel Scholarships are subject to the approval of the Sentinal Scholarship Committee. In the unlikely event the Board determines in its reasonable and good faith opinion that circumstances have changed such that the Naming chosen by the Donor would adversely impact the reputation, image, mission or integrity of the School, The Adventist Conference, or the Board, in the event of a continued association with Donor and the continuation of the Naming provided for herein. Upon any such termination of this Agreement and/or the Naming hereunder, the Board, The Adventist Conference, and School shall have no further obligation or liability to Donor and shall not be required to return any portion of the Gift already paid.
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Thank you for supporting the NDAA Sentinel Scholarship Program! 

The Development Office will contact you to discuss your wishes in more detail.
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